Mozes Rosenberg, guitar

In the family albums is a little Mozes Rosenberg with a violin which he holds as a guitar. He learned to play guitar from his father Mimer. Mozes hears from childhood nimble vibratos, lashing chords, fast runs and melancholic melodies between the caravans. Father, grandfathers, cousins and brothers; everyone plays at the camp. The many birthdays and
festivals are celebrated with Gipsy Jazz, which new musicians sit and play the stars of heaven. In this way musicians be born and raised.

Mozes Rosenberg was born into the famous Rosenberg family, as the younger brother of Stochelo. He started playing the guitar when he was 6 years old. His teachers were his father Mimer, his brother Stochelo and his uncle Waso Grünholz. Waso is the founder of the Dutch Sinti jazz style so Mozes learned from the very source of this now world renowned musical tradition. At his 7th he already played with The Rosenberg Trio on Dutch television. After that he was inspired by many famous musicians, such as flamenco legend Paco de Lucia whom he met in 1996. During the North Sea Jazz festival in Scheveningen Mozes received master classes from keyboard player Joe Zawinul, one of the creators of jazz fusion. Joe is originally from Vienna and grew up with Gipsy music as his grandmother was of Hungarian Gipsy descent. Some years ago he met the American guitarist and singer George Benson. Soon Mozes developed into an outstanding solo guitarist who is in high demand.

Mozes performed in several groups such as Chawo Rosenberg, Rosenberg 3 and now The Rosenbergs, the band with other young talents Johnny Rosenberg and Sani van Mullem. Furthermore Mozes is a popular guest musician. He played among others with Big Band Sonic Blast, the Sinti Big Band and Ready ‘n Able. In 2006 he made a theatre tour with the ensemble Mediterranean Sundance, a Hot Club de France project with Nihad Hrustanbegovic, Harry Klunder, Watti Rosenberg, Faifie Reinhardt and Fremdo Rosenberg. Next in 2007 another theatre tour started with Rosenberg Family. The following years 2008, 2009 and 2010 the family band kept on touring and played at the Muziekcentrum Frits Philips Jazz for the Edison Jazz Awards Ceremony. In 2010 Mozes also performed with singer Joke Bruijs en percussionist vibraphonist Fred Landesbergen under the name “On The Road”. The same year he toured Japan with Stochelo Rosenberg and Sani van Mullem. The Japanese audience was very enthousiastic about his performance and it is clear Mozes has become a world class musician. In 2011 the group Rosenberg van Mullem started. Fruit of this project was the CD “Obsession”. Now the combination Mozes, Johnny and Sani are a well established group playing at many occasions as The Rosenbergs. In 2015 the new family tour “La Familia” attracted a lot of attention. Mozes starred with The Rosenberg Trio and his cousin, singer Johnny Rosenberg. A great CD with the same name was issued containing some of the most famous songs from the American Song Book in the unique version of the Familia. February 2017 Mozes teamed up with the Tcha Limberger Trio for another amazing set of international concerts with this genius violin player and his band. He recorded with Tcha the album ‘Live in Foix‘. The album ‘Live at Django Reinhardt Memorial Augsburg‘ of The Rosenbergs was recently released

Mozes has performed at many renowned international festivals. In 2010 he played at the International Django Festival in Samois, the place where Django Reinhardt retired to and where each year the Django music is celebrated. Further he performed among others at North Sea Jazz, Festivale de Guitare de Patrimonio, Festival Jazz Sous le Palmiers, Dutch Jazz Awards, the International Gipsy Festival, Jazz in Marciac etc. His high quality performance earned him a busy career touring abroad but also regularly playing at Dutch theatres, jazz clubs and jazz festivals.

Mozes is the most recent guitar genius from the Rosenberg dynasty, the first family of Gipsy Jazz. A musical talent with amazing technique and a natural feel for swing music. He is one of the most phenomenal acoustic musicians of this time who fuses traditional Dutch style playing with more contemporary phrasing and licks. With this personal style and supple technique he creates a new fresh sound and shows great virtuosity. Mozes is a sensitive all-round player who has that undeniable Rosenberg touch in all he does.