We take a huge risk but are very proud of the fact that we’ll have our own Blaricum Music Festival Orchestra playing 6 concerts this coming edition of the festival.

The orchestra will consist of about 50 young international top musicians who will be ‘living’ in Blaricum for over two weeks (because of the fact that they have to rehearse prior to the opening concert). Most of them will be staying in private people’s guest houses (we’re still looking for more places for them to stay so please let us know if you can help) and they’ll have the Boereblij farm house as their ‘Artists’ Cafe’ (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

We’re extremely happy that the famous French conductor/violist Mathieu Herzog (former member of the great Quatuor Ébène) agreed to be the orchestra’s Artistic Director for the 2019 edition of the festival. We wish him a great time in Blaricum and lots of success ‘premiering’ the Blaricum Music Festival Orchestra!