The Blaricum Music Festival can not exist without friends, ambassadors, partners and sponsors and last year when we dit the pilot edition we were fortunate enough to have all sorts of people and companies helping us. It actually all started with a donation from the successful Dutch media entrepreneur Joop van den Ende and his wife Janine. Their donation paved the way to more benefactors and this is why we proudly call them our Founding Partners! We also thank the Major of Blaricum Joan de Zwart-Bloch for her kind help and also all our other partners and loyal friends. Once again, without them there would not have been a Blaricum Music Festival at all!

If you wish to help us – be it financially or in any other way – please contact us via

It is our wish to organize the Blaricum Music Festival on a yearly basis (always around the end of June and beginning of July) and make it into a cultural event which will remain on the international music calendar for many, many years to come!

A deep bow of gratitude to those who are already helping us and open arms for whoever wants to join this joy bringing initiative!

Founding Partners

Joop and Janine van den Ende

Concert Sponsors
DingJin Culture & Tourism – Vivian Chen (opening concert)

Els Blokker-Verwer
John and Annette Kastelein
Van Poelgeest BMW en MINI – Harry Baltus (
Kunsthandel Studio 2000 – Howard, Daarinde en Jeroen Myers (

Media Partner
Planet Polaris – Gys Godderis en Veerle Vansteenwegen (

Catering Partner
M&M Foodart – Miriam and Marion Paulussen (

Albert Heijn Blaricum – Marieke Ton and Gerard Dorrepaal (
Providence Capital – Reyer Hulstein (
Architectuur & Advies – Djelko van Es (
Rob van den Bergh

JBR Strategy Finance Restructuring – Ronald van Rijn (
Activiteitenfonds Blaricum (
Gijs van den Pol
Harro Truffino (
Greet Volkers
Andrée Don
Edzard and Maddy Braam
Tera en Pieter Houting (
René and Barbara Stokvis
Handelsbanken – Sharon Peeters (
Gold Investment – John Hooft (
Oog op Blaricum – Peter van Rietschoten (
Sam van Doorn
Harry Heijst
Johannes Crol

Official festival photographer
Abraham van Leeuwen (



This list is updated on a regular basis.