What would a high end music festival be without high end catering? We don’t dare imagine…

In front of the two concert locations (the Dorpskerk and the Vituskerk) we’ll have catering points where you can buy an array of quality beverages and snacks. Payment with bank cards is preferred.

We’ll have also have VIP catering gardens next to the two concert locations where you can enjoy delicious drinks (including of course Champagne) and luxurious bites. You’re only admitted to the VIP catering gardens if you’ve pre booked a catering arrangement for that specific concert (catering ticket coupled with a concert ticket). The VIP catering gardens open 45 minutes prior to every concert, you are invited to return in the interval which lasts for about 30 minutes and again for 60 minutes after the concert.

Admission to the VIP catering gardens costs € 45,- per person and can be booked in the same way as you book your concert ticket(s).

Private dinners in our VIP catering gardens can be arranged upon request (catering@blaricumfestival.com).

For the duration of the festival the small square in front of Kunsthandel Studio 2000 will be the location of our cosy Festival Cafe (open daily from 10:00-18:00). Come and join us there for a drink and pleasant conversation!