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Masterclasses door Prof. Boris Kuschnir


De wereldberoemde Weense vioolpedagoog Prof. Boris Kuschnir (leraar van o.a. de internationale topviolisten Julian Rachlin, Nikolaj Znaider en Aleksey Igudesman die tijdens ons festival een geniaal optreden zal verzorgen) had zelf les van de legendarische violist David Oistrakh en hij werkte (en was bevriend met) Dmitri Shostakovich. Het is voor ons een onnoemelijke eer dat hij zijn gigantische kennis met acht – in Nederland studerende – jonge violisten wil delen tijdens een achttal masterclasses van een uur. Hier kan – en moet – u bij zijn maar wees snel want de plaatsen zijn beperkt! De violisten die de masterclass mogen volgen worden nu geselecteerd en zodra hun namen bekend zijn worden deze hier weergegeven.

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Boris Kuschnir

Professor, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna
Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Bor­is Kuschnir was born into a music fam­ily in Kiev in 1948. He stud­ied viol­in with Bor­is Belen­ky at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Con­ser­vatoire and cham­ber music with Valentin Ber­l­in­sky of the Borod­in Quar­tet.

His many encoun­ters with Dmitri Shos­takovich (work­ing on his last quar­tets) and Dav­id Ois­trakh, with whom he also stud­ied, had a last­ing influ­ence on his artist­ic devel­op­ment. His career star­ted 1969 when he was one of the three win­ners of the Allunions-Com­pet­i­tion in Len­in­grad where, in the final, he per­formed the Beeth­oven Viol­in Con­certo with the Len­in­grad Sym­phony Orches­tra under the bat­on of Yuri Temirkan­ov.

He has won numer­ous prizes at inter­na­tion­al viol­in and cham­ber music com­pet­i­tions (Par­is, Bel­grade, Sion, Trapani, Brat­is­lava, Florence, Trieste, Gor­iz­ia, Ham­burg, Ver­celli). In 1970 he foun­ded the Moscow String Quar­tet and remained a mem­ber until 1979.

Since 1981 he has been liv­ing in Aus­tria. He became an Aus­tri­an cit­izen in 1982 and was the first con­cert­mas­ter of the Bruck­ner Orches­tra in Linz until 1983. In 1984, he became a Pro­fess­or at the Music and Arts Uni­ver­sity of the City of Vienna and also a dis­tin­guished Pro­fess­or at the Uni­ver­sity of Music and Performing Arts Graz in 1999. His repu­ta­tion as a teach­er won inter­na­tion­al recog­ni­tion with the recent out­stand­ing suc­cess of his pupils, Juli­an Rach­lin (1st Prize Euro­vi­sion Grand Prix for Young Musi­cians, Ams­ter­dam 1988), Nikolaj Znaid­er (1st Prize of the Queen Elisa­beth Com­pet­i­tion, Brus­sels 1997), Sergey Dogad­in (1st Prize of the Joseph Joachim Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion, Han­nov­er 2015 and Grand Prix of the Yuri Yankele­vich Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion in Omsk, Rus­sia 2013, 2nd Prize of the Isaac Stern Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion, Shang­hai 2016), Pavel Mily­ukov (3rd Prize Inter­na­tion­al Tchaikovsky Com­pet­i­tion, Moscow 2015, 1st Prize Aram Khachaturi­an Inter­na­tion­al Com­pet­i­tion, 2012, 2nd Prize Seoul Inter­na­tion­al Music Com­pet­i­tion, 2012), Lidia Baich (1st Prize Euro­vi­sion Grand Prix for Young Musi­cians, Vienna 1998), Dalibor Kar­vay (1st Prize Euro­vi­sion Grand Prix for Young Musi­cians, Ber­lin 2002; 1. Prize Inter­na­tion­al Tibor Varga Com­pet­i­tion, Switzer­land 2003; 1st Prize Dav­id Ois­trakh Com­pet­i­tion, Moscow 2008), Alex­an­dra Sou­mm (1st Prize Euro­vi­sion Grand Prix for Young Musi­cians, Lucerne 2004), Lorenzo Gatto (2nd Prize Queen Eliza­beth Com­pet­i­tion, Brus­sels 2009), Eugene Chep­ovet­sky (2nd Prize Dav­id Ois­trakh Inter­na­tional Com­pet­i­tion, Moscow 2008 and 3rd Prize Louis Spohr Com­pet­i­tion, Wei­mar 2013), Yuuki Wong (2nd Prize Michael Hill Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion, New Zea­l­and 2007) and Aleksey Igudes­man (Igudes­man & Joo).

In addi­tion to this he edu­cated more than 40 laur­eates of nation­al and inter­na­tion­al com­pet­i­tions, his pupils have been appoin­ted Pro­fess­ors at Uni­ver­sit­ies, play­ing in vari­ous cham­ber music ensembles and orches­tras of the world – 6 of his stu­dents play at the Vienna Phil­har­mon­ics.

At the same time he con­stantly gives mas­ter­classes at renowned academies like the Ver­bi­er Fest­iv­al Academy and Kron­berg Academy and is a jury mem­ber of vari­ous inter­na­tion­al music com­pet­i­tions such as Queen Eliza­beth Com­pet­i­tion in Brus­sels, Tchaikovsky Com­pet­i­tion in Moscow, the Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion of Indi­ana­pol­is, Nic­colò Paganini Com­pet­i­tion in Gen­ua, the Jacques Thibaud Com­pet­i­tion in Par­is, Joseph Joachim Com­pet­i­tion in Han­nov­er, Tibor Varga Com­pet­i­tion in Switzer­land, Michael Hill Com­pet­i­tion in New Zea­l­and, Euro­vi­sion Com­pet­i­tion, Dav­id Ois­trakh Com­pet­i­tion in Moscow, Pablo de Sarasate Com­pet­i­tion in Pamplona, George Enes­cu Com­pet­i­tion in Bucharest, Seoul Inter­na­tion­al Music Com­pet­i­tion, Viol­in Mas­ters in Monte Carlo, ARD Inter­na­tion­al Music Com­pet­i­tion in Munich, Louis Spohr Com­pet­i­tion in Wei­mar, Andrea Postac­chini Inter­na­tion­al Viol­in Com­pet­i­tion in Fermo, Aram Khachaturi­an Inter­na­tion­al Com­pet­i­tion in Yerevan and the Mel­bourne Inter­na­tion­al Cham­ber Music Com­pet­i­tion.

In 1984 Bor­is Kuschnir foun­ded the Wien­er Schubert Trio which received many pres­ti­gi­ous awards, among them the 1. Prize at the inter­na­tion­al Cham­ber Music Com­pet­i­tion Ser­gio Loren­zi in Trieste, Italy with Sandor Vegh as pres­id­ent of the jury, the Moz­art Inter­pret­a­tion­spre­is 1988 in Vienna and the Prize of the Ernst von Siemens Found­a­tion1990. Bor­is Kuschnir played as a soloist and a cham­ber musi­cian in some of the world’s most illus­tri­ous ven­ues: Wien­er Musik­ver­ein, Teatro alla Scala in Mil­an, La Fenice in Venice, the Wig­more Hall Lon­don, the Con­cer­t­ge­bouw in Ams­ter­dam, the Ber­lin Phil­har­mon­ic Hall, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Par­is, as well as in the Hall of the Tchaikovsky Con­ser­vatoire Moscow, the Ishi­bashi Memori­al Hall and the Sun­tory Hall in Tokyo. He has taken part in numer­ous fest­ivals such as Salzburg Fest­iv­al, Verbier Festival, Gidon Kremer’s Lock­en­haus Fest­iv­al, Vienna Fest­iv­al, Bes­ançon, Wah­ing­ton, Spo­leto, Naples, Stresa, Bre­genz Fest­iv­al, Mecklen­burg-Vor­pom­men, Decem­ber Even­ing (Swi­atoslaw Richter Win­ter­fest­iv­al) – Moscow, White Nights – St. Peters­burg, Juli­an Rach­lin & Friends Fest­iv­al – Dubrovnik.

Bor­is Kuschnir appears with such illus­tri­ous part­ners as Elisa­beth Leon­skaja, Bor­is Bere­zovsky, Leif Ove Andsnes, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Itamar Golan, Stefan Vladar, Elena Bashkirova, Juli­an Rach­lin, Nikolaj Znaid­er, Max­im Ven­ger­ov, Dmitry Sitkovet­sky, Renaud Capu­con, Dav­id Gar­rett, Yuri Bash­met, Gérard Caussé, Nobuko Imai, Lawrence Power, Ver­onika Hagen, Dav­id Car­penter, Ant­oine Tamestit, Mis­cha Maisky, Bor­is Perga­menschikow, Nat­alia Gut­man, Miklós Per­ényi, Steven Isser­l­is, Gau­ti­er Cap­uçon, Sol Gabetta, Gary Hoff­mann, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Ivan Moni­ghetti and Hatto Bey­erle, Thomas Kak­uska, Valentin Erben of Alban Berg Quar­tet. Both as soloist and cham­ber musi­cian Bor­is Kuschnir made numer­ous record­ings, not­ably the com­plete Moz­art piano tri­os for EMI, which were released in the Moz­art year 1991.

Boris Kuschnir plays a violin by Antonio Stradivari.

In 1993 he foun­ded the Vienna Brahms Trio which made their highly acclaimed debut at the Gidon Kremer’s Lock­en­haus Fest­iv­al in Aus­tria. In 1996, the Trio won First Prize at the 9th Inter­na­tion­al Cham­ber Music Com­pet­i­tion in Illzach, France. Their record­ing of Schumann’s com­plete works for Piano trio was released on the Naxos label in 1999. He was co-founder of the Kopel­man Quar­tet in 2002 with which he is giv­ing con­certs all over the world since and has released CDs at Nim­bus Records and Wig­more Hall Live.

1999 the Aus­tri­an Pres­id­ent Dr. Thomas Klestil awar­ded Bor­is Kuschnir with the offi­cial title „Pro­fess­or“. In 2008 the Pres­id­ent of the Repub­lic of Aus­tria Dr. Heinz Fisc­her awar­ded Bor­is Kuschnir with the “Grand Dec­or­a­tion of Hon­our in Sil­ver for Ser­vices to the Repub­lic of Aus­tria” and in 2013 with the “Aus­tri­an Cross of Hon­our for Sci­ence and the Arts, First Class”.

The Pres­id­ent of the Cent­ral Con­ser­vat­ory of Music in Beijing Wang Cizhao awar­ded the cer­ti­fic­ate of Hon­or­ary Pro­fess­or­ship to Bor­is Kuschnir in Decem­ber 2014.